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How much does identity theft really cost you?

How Much Does Identity Theft Really Cost?
It is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on how much you would actually lose if you became a victim of idenity theft – but we can easily come up with some rough numbers.

Once you become a vitcim of identity theft, it can take up to two years before the aftermath is cleared up. During this two year period, you may have issues getting a job, buying a car, getting a cell phone, or even renting a car. Also the interest rates for any loans, mortgages or any type of consumer credit can be higher, due to your unjustly damaged credit score. Not to mention the endless hours and mountains of paperwork you will need to sort through in order to set everything straight.

The lost job opportunities and higher interest rates alone quickly add up to hit your bottom line. Not to mention the time spent to resolve the issue. This is time that can be better spent. If your identity theft case is very complicated, you may even need to hire the services of an attorney to protect you from creditors. The costs of attorney fees quickly escalate, the more complicated the case is.

It is easy to see how even one instance of identitity theft can easily cost you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket fees, lost opportunities and your precious free time.

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