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How does LifeLock protect your identity?

How Does LifeLock protect your identity?

Lifelock takes numerous steps to PROACTIVELY protect your identity and credit.

  • 1) Enrollment – Upon enrollment you are immediately covered by LifeLock’s $1 million service guarantee.
  • 2) Credit Bureaus Are Contacted – Within 24 hours of enrollment, fraud alerts will be established with the major credit bureaus.
  • 3) Locks are put in place – Creditors will be required to verify your identity before opening any new lines of credit, issuing new cards or increasing your credit limit. So every time you apply for new credit or someone attempts to perform some action with your credit, you should receive a phone call from the creditor asking for verification.
  • 4) Pre-approved Credit Offers are blocked – By preventing pre-approved credit card offers from being sent, a significant avenue thieves use to steal your identity is thwarted.
  • 5) Monitoring – LifeLock will alert you about potential threats. LifeLock’s identity monitoring systems; eRecon™ and TrueAddress™; are vigiliant about monitoring known criminal websites for the illegal selling or trading of the personal information and detecting any new address information associated with your name in nationwide address databases.
  • 6) Support – If your wallet is ever lost or stolen, a WalletLock specialist will help you contact each affected credit card, bank or document issuing company, and cancel those accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents.

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